Lichens are in symbiosis with the tree they cover, protect and decorate. Their concentric and fragmented trajectory in space testifies to the purity of the surrounding environment.



LICHENS, Collages, 2021

60x80cm originals, numbered prints from 1 to 24 copies + 2 e.a

LICHENS, solo exhibition, Maison du Mont Aigoual, Parc National des Cévennes


These pieces were modeled directly on the trunk, living support and inspiration channel. The clay has impregnated itself with the tree, absorbing part of what it is.

INFLUENCES (Chestnut) 2016. Installation 9 months.

Art et Nature, La Bambouseraie, Anduze


TÉMOINS DE FAN (Platane), 2013. Installation 3ans.

Grès enfumé, feuille d'argent. Dimensions variables.

Aiguillon d'Art, Parcours d'Art, Lussan


 TÉMOINS DE FAN (Maple), 2013. Installation 3 years.
Smoked sandstone, gold leaf. Variable dimensions.

Aiguillon d'Art, Parcours d'Art, Lussan


Art et Nature (Art and Nature)

Interview Journal régional France 3,

Juin 2016


After this time of exposure on tree, the pieces are unhooked, and exposed out of context. They diffuse their wild energy.

RELIQUES, 2016. Smoked sandstone, variable dimensions.

Other lichens, modelled in the workshop, colonize the white walls. They symbolize a poetic escape into the wild imagination.

LICHENS. Installations murales, grès enfumé, dimensions variables


The eye and the hand cannot distinguish whether it is ceramic, fossilized wood, or stone, natural materials. These stampings reveal the forms and forces internal to the tree.

ET-CORPS-CE. smoked sandstone, variable dimensions




LICHENS, Solo exhibition, Maison du Mont Aigoual, Parc National des Cévennes


Nature Art, Espace Commines, 75004 Paris. Commissariat Association Florence

Installation VAE Ecole Supérieure d'Arts d'Aix en Provence


Open House of the Ateliers d'Artistes 75006


Influences, Art et Nature, La Bambouseraie, Anduze


Orée, Solo exhibition with Laurent Esquerré, Galerie Ivan Ptakhine, 75009 Paris


Témoins de Fan (maple and plane tree), Parcours d'Art Aiguillon d'Art, Lussan



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